How do I know you received my entries, I didn’t get a confirmation email?

When you click the submit wrestlers button it is sent directly to the tournament director. You can click on the “View Entered Wrestlers“ link (left side of home page) and you will see all of the wrestlers we have in the tournament and their weight class. Wrestlers are listed alphabetically by team/school name. Viewing this page will ensure mistakes are corrected before the tournament. This page will be updated every 12 hours or so, so don’t expect to see your wrestlers listed immediately after submitting them.

Do you have to enter the same weight class you qualified in or can you change to a different weight?

Once you qualify you can enter in any weight class..

What if I have a last minute late entry after the deadline?

Sorry, no late entries are accepted.

Can I change a wrestler’s weight class and how do I do it?

You can change a wt class. Please visit our Info Page for more info. 

How do I know if a wrestler is not accepted into the tournament?

Wrestlers not accepted will be notified (including the reason) using your submitted contact information by Thursday, March, 8, 2018. If a wrestler is found to have “cheated” (lying about grade, how he/she qualified, etc) and we discover it, we will eliminate him from the TOC anytime this is discovered including the day of the tournament. No refund of entry fee if this happens..

How does the TOC tournament staff know what wrestlers have qualified ?

We get results of tournament qualifiers and in submitting seeding information you are supposed to include the reason you have qualified (qualification tourney place, etc).

How do you know if someone “lies” about grade, school eligibility or qualifying?

My answer to this is, “Whatever happened to personal integrity ? “ but we do rely on information from qualifying tournaments and depend on parent and coach “whistle blowers” to inform us as we check and separate wrestlers.

What happens if a wrestler is held back in 6th, 7th or 8th grade or skipped a grade can he still wrestle?

Regardless of grade, a wrestler is limited to 3 years of competition in the TOC

Do we need a USA Wrestling card to participate or get on the floor for coaching?

No. We are not affiliated with USA Wrestling or SCWAY. No card and therefore no USA Wrestling insurance coverage. Coaches will be given passes. Extra passes available Saturday morning for $10 fee..

What happens if a wrestler misses weight ? Is there any weight allowance given?

The wrestler is eliminated from the tournament and the entry fee is not returned. Be sure of wrestler’s weight class when entering into the TOC. We allow a 2 tenths pound allowance to account for weighing in wearing a singlet.


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